Start Up: Start Ezee
'Veritech' understands that for new ventures, a little preparation can make all the difference between creating a culture of success or becoming completely bogged down by people problems at a time when you can least afford to make mistakes. At 'Veritech', we encourage you to Start Ezee. We have a one stop solution for all your Human resource needs.

Start Ezee includes the following modules:
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Policies provide guidance in adhering to required workplace standards, driven by company values. Human Resource Policies strive to motivate positive, productive and ethical behavior among employees at all levels of the organization.

Compliance with Veritech's Human Resource Policies are critical to both the fair treatment of employees and the achievement of business goals.
Leave Management
Onboarding is more than just new hiring orientation. Today, orientation is not a stand-alone event but part of a bigger process. The employee onboarding process goes beyond mere practicality and acknowledges that what new employees learn in their first few weeks has long-term effects on their ability to tackle the challenges of today's faster-paced business environment.

At 'Veritech' Onboarding follows the employee lifecycle for mentoring and development and includes automation for consistent and timely tracking of onboarding events. Seamlessly transitioning the candidate through the new hire and ensuring successful On Boarding experience for the new employees.
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Compensation Structuring
Salary structures are an important component of effective compensation programs and help ensure that pay levels for groups of jobs are competitive externally and equitable internally. A well-designed salary structure allows management to reward performance and skill development while controlling overall base salary cost by providing a cap on the range paid for particular jobs or locations.

A salary range is the span between the minimum and maximum base salary an organization will pay for a specific job or group of jobs.

'Veritech' helps in the most tax effective and friendly Salary structure within the ambit of law and based on the various Tribunal, High Court and Supreme Court case laws.
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Employee Self Service (ESS)
Our intuitive Employee Self Service (ESS) is simple, easy and very effective for day to day usage for employees, managers and HR. ESS is also built in with a query management system where employees can post their queries and our experts will clarify their queries in no time. This way you can outsource your burden of handling employee queries to us and focus on more pressing issues.
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It saves you valuable time with intuitive workflows. Centralizing HR efforts reduces costs, streamlines HR and eliminates inefficient administrative practices. Having an effective Employee System of Engagement as a further addition can improve employee productivity, reduce conflicts and lower attrition. Furthermore, an employee may even go an extra mile and be a great advocate for his company to clients.

Outsourcing payroll is an excellent alternative to in-house payroll processing for today’s businesses. There are many reasons business owners choose to outsource such as Reduced Costs, Reduced Workload, Increased Reliability & Elimination Of Payroll Pain And Worry.
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Statutory Compliance
Find it difficult to stay abreast with ever changing compliance requirements?
Is trying to be compliant taking up a lot of your time and effort?

We can help you stay legally compliant, amidst changing Indian laws and ensure that you do not incur any penalties. Our specialties include Payroll Compliance, Trust Management, S&E Compliance, Factory Compliance, CLRA Management and Statutory Compliance Audit.