PMS Strategy
PMS Process
Performance Management can help organizations define and achieve their strategic objectives, align behaviors and attitudes and, ultimately, have a positive impact on organizational performance.
Transform Goals into Results
The coming talent shortage makes the need for efficient employee performance management even more critical. In the midst of a perpetual need for a challenge, massive retirements, and shrinking budgets, how can organizations inspire, compensate, and promote their workforce while still finding the time to focus on strategy.
  • Define Goals and Objectives – Long Term as well as Short Term
    • Goals are the building blocks of your company vision, and tangible objectives inspire greater performance. By setting, tracking, and consistently evaluating progress on meaningful macro and micro goals, employees connect to your mission, culture, and plans for the future.
    • RESULT: Use the power of focusing on common goals to create long-term health, sustainability, and profitability for your entire organization.
  • Evaluate the present role and responsibility of the existing Team
  • Effective CTC Structuring
    • Change the existing CTC structure to ensure Cost to the company remains the same but in hand to the employee is more, within the ambit of the statutory compliances.
    • RESULT: The Company benefits, keeping the CTC low and the employee’s morale is increased as the take home Salary increases.
  • Based on the Defined Goals evaluate Performance on A Quarterly basis
  • Drive a pay-for-performance culture
    • When tied to organizational goals and integrated with a talent management system, pay-for-performance encourages smart use of resources: high-performance employees are more likely to be motivated and committed, and ensure that underperformers are not overcompensated.
    • RESULT: Control labour costs while encouraging productivity – all good for your bottom line.
  • Build a culture of employee development
    • Meaningful training builds engagement, supports leadership development, and helps you plan for the success of the company and your of employees. While it is tempting to let go of development plans to save money. Smart organizations know that learning and development are key to employee retention and organizational longevity.
    • RESULT: Retain high-performance employees while improving productivity – a win-win for both budgets and sustainability.
  • Set up an Increment Mechanism.
    • As per the results of the Annual Performance of the employee, the increments % will be defined for all the employee on the overall allocated amount for increment based on the Bell Curve Method.
    • RESULT: The top performers will be awarded with better increment and the organization increments will based on a Performance Management System