Mid size companies: Accelerate
At 'Veritech' we ensure every facet of human resources, from staffing the best employees to administering your day to day activities. It makes sense for medium-sized employers to outsource their human resource functions. From helping mitigate employment risks and reducing administrative distractions, to attracting top talent and improving employee morale and productivity, the choice of outsourcing is a decision that should not be delayed.

Accelerate includes the following modules:
Leave Management
Performance Management can help organizations define and achieve their strategic objectives, align behaviours and attitudes which ultimately have a positive impact on organizational performance.

'Veritech' helps Tranform Goals. The talent shortage makes the need for efficient employee performance management even more critical. In the midst of the massive retirements and shrinking budgets, how can organizations inspire, compensate and promote their workforce while still finding the time to focus on strategy
Leave Management
In today’s highly competitive market place, where business and technology change at a rapid pace, there is a dire need to continuously measure, monitor and manage organization’s performance with relevant and ample intelligent insights into business. The need, therefore, is for precise and right information to enable quick decision making.

'Veritech' correlates business data and people data, which can help establish important connections later on. The key aspect of human resource analytics is to conclusively show the impact the HR department has on the organization as a whole. Establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between HR functions and business outcomes - and then creating strategies based on that information - is what HR analytics is all about.