Manpower Planning and Staffing
Effective Manpower Planning gives the company a clear idea of what its talent needs actually are and what they will be in the future..
  • "Analyzing Organizational Objectives"- The ultimate objective of manpower planning is one of matching or fitting employee abilities to enterprise requirements with an emphasis on future, instead of present arrangements.
  • "Inventory of the Present Human Resources"- Constructing a baseline using current headcount and current manpower attrition profile.
  • "Forecasting D and S of Human Resource"- Understanding business needs through interviews with top management and major functions, and analyzing key business parameters and strategy elements. Mapping activity drivers, industry benchmarks, and top-down estimates against these parameters and elements to estimate current and future manpower demand.
  • "Estimating M & G"-Once the future human resource needs are estimated, the next step is to determine the present supply of manpower resources through skills inventory.
  • "Formulating the final human resource action plan"- To develop the human resource plan which consists in finding out the sources of labour supply(internal or external) with a view to making an effective use of these sources.
  • "Monitoring, control and feedback"- To implement and supervise the entire Manpower planning Process and ensure changes based on the feedback received.