Onboarding and Background Verification
Background verification
  • "Residence Address Check"- Visit is made at the employee’s residence address‎. Residence address is confirmed from parents/ family members and neighbours
  • "Reference Check"- Tele call given to the provided reference‎/references and details are confirmed about the employee
  • "Previous Employment"- Visit is done at the previous employer's office along with the provided employment document hardcopy. Same is attested ‎and authenticated from the respected H.R department/Manager/concerned authority. A company where entry is not permitted, an email is sent to the respective company and verification is done through email.
  • "Education Check"- Provided educational certificates are forwarded to the respective university and the authenticity of the same is verified by getting the sent copy attested along with obtaining a detailed report from the respective university on their letterhead ‎.
  • "Police Verification"- Photographs and relevant documents are sent to the respective police authority and verification report is procured with police attestation.