In today’s highly competitive market place, where business and technology change at a rapid pace, there is a dire need to continuously measure, monitor and manage organization’s performance with relevant and ample intelligent insights into business. The need, therefore, is for precise and right information to enable quick decision making.
'Veritech' Analytics offers you all the necessary tools to visualize strategic business information in the most comprehensible way so that you are fully-equipped to sense the pulse of your business and identify the areas of the business that need utmost attention. It empowers you to get to the core of strategic information and make well-informed decisions, on-the-fly. It also has the capability to generate automated, rule driven alerts to decision makers through e-mail and mobile devices to enable management by exception.
'Veritech' Analytics provides a complete slice & dice of the Salary information to generate the required customised analytics
Few of the customised reports generated from the system are as below:
  • CTC wise salary details
  • Department wise
  • City Wise
  • Product wise
  • Gender Wise
  • Location wise
  • Hierarchy wise
  • Function Wise
  • Attrition Rate Analysis
  • Employee Headcount
  • Employee Joining Analytics
  • Any Other Customized Reports relating to Salary Data