Our Company
From the modest beginnings of a shared-office space in 2001, 'Veritech Global HR Service LLP ' was formed to administer payroll for mid-sized firms. Today we have grown to work with large-sized firms as well and we have extended our umbrella of services to manage the entire HR Domain of services.

'Veritech's' in-house customized solution is a key resource in meeting these expectations. A significant advantage of an in-house solution is the ease with which we can add features and reports as per the specific needs of an organization.

The kind of solution that save companies time, adapt to their needs, and allow them to be more strategic. From payroll and human resources to our Performance Management Systems , we provide integration and scalability. As company and market needs change, we want to be positioned to grow with our clients instead of having clients outgrow us. The personal relationship is the foundation of 'Veritech'.

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude! At 'Veritech', we practice this every day of the year.

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Our Vision
To be the Numero Uno People Partner by being the Future for HR Solutions with applying Technology which will help in shaping the Future of the Employees.
Our Philosophy explains our approach to work
To deliver consistent results using best practices, a committed workforce, and optimized technologies that go beyond client expectations and without compromising integrity.
To deploy existing and emerging technologies to process more rapidly, improve efficiency, and increase accuracy in a zero paperwork environment.
To be able to adapt our processes to seamlessly fit into the client's workflow and to provide more than what was promised.
To recognize the client's business needs and to create, through careful and sustained effort, a strong relation as partners in growth.
We would love to hear from you to exchange ideas and discover ways to establish a great professional relationship with you